• Joydeep Sen Sarma

    Joydeep Sen Sarma

    ex CTO/Co-founder Qubole, ex-Facebook, Founded Apache Hive, currently Advisor at Various

  • Alessandro De Zanche

    Alessandro De Zanche

    Media and advertising. Data, audience and monetisation strategies.

  • Siddharth Sharma

    Siddharth Sharma

    Do-er | Think-er | Serverless | Big Data. Opinions are my own

  • baochi nguyen

    baochi nguyen

    Baochi rhymes w/ grouchy. I do digital marketing, startups & tech. Love figuring out martech solutions to automate/optimize the marketing-sales pipeline.

  • Oscar von Kant

    Oscar von Kant

  • Piyush Rajput

    Piyush Rajput

  • Chris Jacob

    Chris Jacob

    Alternative & Amusing Marketing Insights #payitforward

  • Ottam Bohannan

    Ottam Bohannan

    Social Media enthusiast. Activism. Non-profits. Travel. Culture. Authentic.

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